i had such a nightmare last night…

i was all set to go on vacation and then my parents (don’t know why they were married in my dream, they’ve been divorced for nearly 10 years already) told me that we weren’t going to canada anymore—and i was all like WTF?! i was obssessing over our dog though because i was scared that he wouldn’t be alright spending the entire weekend inside the house. apparently my father forgot to ask somebody to take care of him, so he claimed the vet was going to take care of him, but he wasn’t sure—so I kept obsessing like i gave him more fresh water and more food than usual and i fixed his dog bed and his dog blankets, and then i started moving lamps and everything i thought he could knock into and will fall—and hit him on the head, and then finally my parents were like nope we’re not going anymore.

i wasn’t this age either. i was a teenager. usually when i dream i’m always older than i am because in my mind i’m always older than i am.

anyway my dad’s wife was living in my mom’s old condo—or actually just visiting and i was like what? so i went swimming, but it felt like arizona, not connecticut, in my aunt and uncle’s pool—and she was like ‘oh somebody is in here’ when i tried to get into the bathroom to change my clothes (i went swimming with my pants and t-shirt on. NOT shorts…but pants…). so i got ready and man i had some fly shit on lmao—a nice pair of jeans and this t-shirt that was wicked cool, don’t even know where it came from in my dream because i don’t own such a shirt. so i got ready and i knew by the time i got ready she’d be out and on the prowl. so my father told me that he’d wait for me—so i went to go grab litey bear (obviously) and then i an into my dad’s wife.

she was all like blah blah blah blah blah and then she started singing church songs—and i was like listen lady, lets not get fucking crazy over here. so i walked out the door and suddenly it all looked like my mom’s condo again. so i’m in the parking area for the cars and i see these two guys who are apparently my neighbors (in my dreams) and really friendly. so i ask them if they’ve seen my father (and my mom was with him too but i asked about my dad) and he said oh yeah, he left—so i went postal and suddenly we weren’t in connecticut anymore, we were in pennsylvania.

so i started making comments about how my dad’s just pissed off because his high tech smart phone doesn’t work in penn. and they’re like well that’s strange it should work anywhere in the united states and i’m like i know, but whatever.

so i ended up at a gas station with a mini mart—actually, it was like a mini grocery store and no gas station. so i go in there and i got a hold of my mom on her cell phone since my dad’s was on the frits and i’m like ma! you guys left me! and she’s like oh your father this and your father that—and i’m like what the hell? so i’m in line with somethings and those two guys that are apparently my neighbors were there and they were throwing mints at me like a whole container of them telling me to buy them because they’ll help me not be so angry.

so i took them and i’m standing in line—and then i’m in the wrong area so all these people are going ahead of me before i realize. well i sneeze in my dream and then when i open my eyes again i see that two guys ahead of me just dropped their stuff and reached into the back of their pants for GUNS.

so i throw myself outside of the mini mart and i don’t tell anybody—but then they catch on. suddenly there are more than one guy and one followed me outside—just shooting and shooting and shooting—and i’m scrambling around on the damn floor like oh my god… they’re going to kill me. i mean they were murdering people in the fucking street right in front of my eyes!!!!

so i don’t know how i did it but i hid under somebody’s suv and prayed they guy ran out of bullets, but then later on in the dream i was watching some guy tell the story—but it was MY STORY and he was telling the news lady and she asked him what happened and he’s like “I climbed on top of one of the suv’s and stayed flat and then I kicked the guy in the back when he tried to climb on top the suv—his gun went flying and then he smashed his head into another car and got knocked out—or died—and i’m like that fucking asshole is telling my story and he’s telling it WRONG!

end of dream

MsIndyJones reminded me of this one time…

no, not at band camp, where my friend and I were thinking about our wacky and twisted roleplay with Ford characters (if memory serves me right there was Linus, Dutch, Quinn, Norman, and Gavilan)—and Quinn was going to buy his own airport and he was going to co-own it with Dutch and they were going to name all the airlines that were able to fly to and from their airport…

And my friend and I started calling off names—I’m sure a ton of them were dirty or sexual, and racist LMAO—you know, shit that happens at 4 in the morning, and then she said that every airline needed a tag line. When we got to one for an airline by Henry Turner, the tag line was so mean, but spot-on and hilarious.

I can’t even remember any of the airline names or the tag lines now. It’s been about two/three years, but the one with Henry nearly made me pee my pants. It was like the “special” plane where everybody who boarded the plane had no idea where they were going, who was flying the plane, or if they were getting meals on the plane. They were just clueless…like henry post-getting shot. LMAO.


have you ever threw yourself on the floor, laid on your back, clenched your fists to beat against the floor, and raised your hips ever so slightly?