The Last of Us: Remastered - Coloured Image

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♚| Victor 'Sully' Sullivan - Suit 

Harrison playing Uncharted 3 on Sony Playstation 3


"I see great things in our future, kid. Great things."



playstation has been a boss forever.

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My moms all like I’m sick of seeing Harrison’s face all over the place and I’m all like well too damn bad he’s been my wallpaper on my PlayStation 3 since like June 2013.

Deal with it.

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Favorite Male Video Game Characters

best video game reaction ever

thanks for your face and your promotions for my favorite ps3 franchise—“uncharted”

Where are you, Sully?


Picked up a copy of Uncharted 3. #playstation #uncharted #boom

I see great things in our future, kid. Great things.


Naughty Dog + Father figure & Child relationships

Nathan “Nate” Drake & Victor “Sully” Sullivan | Uncharted series
Ellie & Joel | The Last of Us