Jean Harlow photographed on the set of her last movie, Saratoga (1937), only a short while before her death.
On the set she quietly told makeup artist Violet Denoyer "Violet, you know, I have a hunch I’m going away from here and never coming back." 
Her scene with Walter Pidgeon  was a light comedy exchange set in a library. Pidgeon was to hold her close to him. Harlow was barely able to rehearse. During a break, she asked script clerk Carl Roup to speak to Pidgeon for her. Could he hold her lightly when they did the take? "My stomach is killing me," she said. She did not make the shot. "We were to do the shot just before lunch," recalled Pidgeon. "We were standing together for a final check. She doubled up in pain."
"Baby’s got pain," Pidgeon said to Conway. Conway called lunch. Harlow was escorted to her dressing room. Fifteen minutes later, Andre got a call from Harlow. He hurried to her dressing room. He found her on her day bed. “I don’t know what’s the matter with me,” said Harlow. “I feel so ill. I haven’t the strength to hold up my head or take off my makeup.” Andre immediately called Conway, who in turn called studio manager Eddie Mannix. The studio doctor arrived and examined Harlow.
"That was the end,"
said Pidgeon. "Instead of doing the scene after lunch, she went home. We never saw her again." 

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“Once upon a time, there was a typical American girl, who happened to bump into a typical red blooded American boy. And she bumped into him, and bumped into him. So, they decided they’d better sit down and talk this over before they had an accident. They became good friends. They found they had a lot of interests in common. Radio. Television. Trains. And when the boy found the girl attractive, desirable, irresistible, he did what any red-blooded American boy would do: He asked her to marry him. They had a typical wedding. Went on a typical honeymoon, in a typical bridal suite. Except, it so happens that this girl is a witch.” 

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There are Donald Duck themed rooms at the Ambassador Hotel at Tokyo Disneyland…

I’m SO beyond done, I’m past the point of envy.

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Whenever I call the Nanny I sell the front- and the backdoor. Basic trauma prevention for my sim kids.
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Parenting 101

"My girlfriend is Spanish. She speaks English without an accent so you’d never know if she was foreign but all the English idioms she doesn’t quite get…she says ‘Oh really? Put your money in your mouth.’ There’s another one: ‘Okay look: I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m gonna put all my cars on the table.’ No, don’t put any cars on the table. Or one time we were at dinner and it was ‘Well if I had a nipple for every time I heard that.’" — Nathan Fillion on Christina Ochoa


I wish the sims 3 had the turn-ons and turn-offs like in the sims 2
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plz…lets eat some treats…

My fucking heart

i need him.

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This. THIS is the Dean I adore. This. This man who makes women feel comfortable. Beautiful. Allowed to be themselves completely. Who sees a girl stuffing her mouth and thinks nothing of it, doesn’t make fun of her or make any kind of passing comment to Sam… cuz he’s stuffing his too. Dean, who tells a woman who fell in love with a “thicker” man that he understands that that extra cushioning is nice. Dean, who tells a woman who’s husband left her because he thought she was too fat, that he doesn’t deserve her.
Like, I could picture Dean cuddled up with a cute chubby girl…. like me or you or any girl regardless of her weight, he’d feed her pecan pie while snuggled up watching star trek and LotR and Game of Thrones re-runs.


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