"Do you consider yourself a sex symbol?"
"…more like a sex kitten." - Harrison Ford

what if harrison ford is a terrible lover?

haha. that was a good one.

Richard "Dicky" Nugenttoo many damn feels, Sir

Cary Grant in "People Will Talk" (1951).

This film tells the story of an eccentric “women’s doctor” who also covers college courses at the university. While going about his daily life he encounters a woman who thinks she is pregnant, and out of wedlock, making her attempt suicide. He saves her from this madness, like Cary Grant should.

"People Will Talk" is probably the only Cary Grant film I can think of off the top of my head that would hold up in today’s "modern times" due to plot-lines and the dialogue of the its characters.

And honestly — Cary Grant as a Women’s Doctor? Where do I sign up and if I am at the end of the line, how much does it cost to skip ahead at least 5,000 people?

Cary Grant moving like a superhero in “Charade” (1963)

Graff: that's why he always has to believe he's playing a game.
Anderson: you mean we lie to him.
Graff: if his empathy gets in the way of achieving our objective then yes, we lie to him.