#mark harmon


  • "I got a call from Liam, Ralph’s son. I ran into a group of writers and Gary up here and then made an announcement to the crew. And then, right away, you say, ‘How do we honor this?’ Do you put an ‘In memorian’ at the end of the next episode? Do you go back and put it on the crawl of ‘Better Angels,’ if that had to be the farewell?" - Mark Harmon

"Ralph loved Gina. He certainly had an eye for the ladies and beauty, but he also recognized her writing right off, and during ‘Better Angels,’ he talked about her to me. I said, ‘She’s a playwright.’ And he knew that, from the words. I’ll always remember the two of them sitting on the porch on location, just having a gay old time talking. He loved being here, and we loved having him." - Mark Harmon

  • "You’d see little crinkles, little skips, little different things - nothing too bad. But when someone said ‘Action’ and the camera got turned on, you’d better be bolted to the floor, because he was going to take you into the next country." - Mark Harmon

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