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FtF: Harrison Ford Challenge / Day 11

I have three most favorite talk show interviews. One is where he appeared on Leno in 1995 to promote “Sabrina”. The other is when he appeared on Leno in 2000 to promote “What Lies Beneath” and the last is when he appeared on Conan in 2000 to promote “What Lies Beneath”.

Leno 1995:

*Loved when he told Jay that he spent some time on the stairmaster just to be there that night; then he touched his face in an even more sarcastic way before he burst out laughing.

*Loved when he answered the questions that they had down on those cards. Someone asked him where his position was on women’s rights and he said he was “Pro Chick”. Another question had been if his wife liked to put her head on his chest and listen to his deep voice rumble out of his chest to which he said something along the lines of, “I think she’s happy if she hears a heartbeat”. Another question had been if he would be the father to Madonna’s child to which he made some kind of small moment and never did answer.

*And as a run off of the other questions, when asked if he considered himself a sex symbol, he answered with “More like a sex kitten”, instead. 

Leno 2000:

*Loved how he came out and just had the giggles. Whatever happened on the show before he came out must had been what he found so funny because the first like 5 times I watched, I Was confused. It’s so just cute and funny though; he couldn’t even take a drink from his mug because Leno wouldn’t stop making him laugh.

*Loved when Leno asked him something and he got this confused look on his face; like he forgot what the hell he was there to promote.

*Loved when he told Leno that doing love scenes is not what people think. Something about there’s 100 cameras watching you NOT do it. He also said that when he kissed Michelle she laughed at him and then he did it again and she laughed harder. This of course came into effect because Leno mentioned how he shook her hand once and found himself getting hot under the collar—and Harrison just gave him a look like wow, you’re a little strange. That was funny, too.

Conan 2000:

*Right off the bat, loved when Conan put Harrison in situtations he never would be in. He photoshopped Harrison’s head on a guy who was streaking. He put him in the band Limp Bizkit, he even put him between some women’s legs who was in the process of giving birth. That one really made Harrison laugh and that one was my favorite. Conan wanted to give him the chance to see what it would be like to be “reborn”.

*Loved how Conan made a crack that Indiana Jones should continue forever; “Indiana Jones and the comfortable bed”. Lmao, claiming that Harrison should make Indy films well into his 80s. He said that this movie would show how people just brought the treasures to Indy and he said “yeah, just put it over there with the rest of them.” and he made sound effects as he pretended like he was in one of those beds that you can move up and down. LMAO. It was just so stupid, but so funny.

*Loved Harrison told him he couldn’t stay for the end of the show (Harrison never does; they’re lucky if they get him there for the time being) because he had some “Cookies in the oven”. LMAO. Hearing Harison say “cookies” is enough to make you fucking squeal.

If anyone hasn’t seen these interviews, you really should. I remember watching them for the first time on Harrison Ford Web, but they’ve been off there for the last two years. Luckily I found a big HF fan who had them along with two others (one is when he was on Oprah) on her computer. Youtube deleted her account for having them up so they aren’t on there anymore. I was SO HAPPY to see my most favorites all over again. If anyone wants to see, let me know. I don’t think she’d mind me sharing with you guys. I’ll even ask her.