The dumbest question anyone can ask after they see you get hurt.

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this is hysterical

i went prowling around to find out if guys dress to the left or to the right, and this one dude out there in the world said:

I tend to throw it over my shoulder so it doesnt drag on the floor”

I can not stop laughing about it.


“Me call Pickles at this time of night? Pssssh, She’d have me assassinated. When she’s asleep, she don’t care where I am.” — Buddy Sorrell

the very best scene of two adults acting like children.

Beauty and the Beast (Bitchy Version) (by lbolger19)

my friend sent to this me on facebook. LMAO. “I can hear you, bitches…”

Mike Epps - UnderRated (Part 5) HD (by KINGD2NZ)

"There’s a girl squirting goat milk in the corner."
"I know who it is…"

Oh my god, I am DYING. LMFAO.

Mike Epps - UnderRated (Part 3) HD (by KINGD2NZ)

Quinn loses his temper…in and on a bunch of bushes…


Cary Grant and Constance Bennett in Topper (1937)

“possession is nine points of the law—and i’m possessed!” — Lucy Ricardo; “Bonus Bucks”