last week i found a picture of harrison like checking out baskets

this week i find a picture of harrison pimping out chairs


i don’t understand. this man is in everything.

pretty soon he’s just gonna pop out of a box of cereal

and no. i’m not even kidding. life-size, if you’re lucky.


in which han is dancing sirtaki

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…sometime around the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


And last, but not least. Here’s just a random collection of Harrison Ford gifs I made :) Happy Birthday, yet again, Geneva (@casuallyadventurous). I may have gone a little overboard with the gif making, but it was fun, and look at what I got to watch for hours lol.


Harrison Ford + Daniel Craig = This….Not Bad.


Spielberg and Ford relax in between takes on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

i’m dying.

does anyone watch “last man standing”?

their youngest daughter is outside on the lawn camping in the yard in the winter and the wife is like “i need to go out there and get her to come inside” and tim allen’s like “baby, you can’t go out there. we do not negotiate with terrorists”

LMFAO. this show is just hysterical.

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so someone thought it was alright to take one of my edits and re-edit it.

if this particular person would have asked me then maybe i would have said yes — or better, i’d help them along to the actual picture and have them edit it the way THEY would like it.

why do people do this? i’ve never had someone take my edits like they’ve been doing in the harrison ford community — it just started happening in the last year or so. for the last five years of editing his pictures, nobody has taken it.

and yes. i do not claim any of his pictures as in i took them (except for his screencaps — i do spend hours upon hours upon hours screencapping his films — and now i’m getting them on blu-ray, so i’m re-capping films i already did a few years ago), and i give a great deal of credit to a lot of pictures that might not be entirely “public” — and there are some i choose not to edit at all depending on where it is i got it from and what the copyright statements are from a company or an individual person.

pretty soon i’m going to make my edits for harrison ford private. i’m not dead serious — and that shit bothers me because i don’t like covering up shit that should be fun — but when you take my edits and re-post them or re-edit them… why would you do that? just find the picture yourself or ASK ME FOR THE PICTURE and i can see if i can point you in the right direction.



Harrison and Carrie are soooo cute 😍

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