Harrison and Carrie are soooo cute 😍

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Great day


Harrison Ford in BLADE RUNNER ! ^^

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Remember when Harrison said he loved tennis on reddit?

Yeah we love it, too — stud.

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*I can’t date Harrison Ford.

Doh. Precious bastard.

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Harrison Ford photographed by Timothy White, 2002 

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Omg. Look what I found at the goodwill store. This was worthy of both a Facebook and tumblr post. Lmfao someone in my hometown must have really hated these two films.
God. Quinn and Dutch get no fucking love I swear.

And you know I’m buying them. Haha. Only a dollar each? Shit. You don’t gotta even question me.

i’m sexy and i know it

history repeats itself

no seriously guys, why is it that nobody edits his pictures?