Of course Harry is the pilot. Check out the teaser trailer for The Expendables III.


42 (2013)

Maybe tomorrow we’ll all wear 42, that way they won’t tell us apart. 92/365 

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Harrison Ford in the upcoming “The Expendables 3”


The Expendables 3 character posters!

aw. ford-jones.com is no longer online. :( i figured since it’s lack of update for the last five years (or so) it would be gone for good one day…

and that day has come


i’ll miss all those american and non-american magazine scans, the movie press photos, and all the other scans from the beginning of harrison’s career well into the 1990s.


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this bastard

he carries trees

he points his finger

he forgets shit

he rows rafts

he shows his firm ass

he gets sassy

he flies planes

he falls down waterfalls with metal stuff

he eats peacock

he’s got a backpack full of useful shit

he’s even more sassy

he’s perfect

and this bastard knows it!

just…. stopppppppppppp

ugh. i just love him for no reason.