"Carole Lombard was the great love of Gable’s life. Gable had met Lombard when he co-starred with her at Paramount in "No Man of Her Own" in 1932. The irony was that neither star at the time liked each other. Gable would cross paths with Lombard again in 1936 at the Mayfair Ball in Hollywood. At this point, the love affair took off and for the next three years, they were the most talked about couple in the film industry. Finally, they married on March 29, 1939 in Kingman, Arizona. It was a private and quiet ceremony. He called her Ma and she called him Pa. Gable was low key, reserved and laid back. Lombard, on the other hand, was boisterous, wacky and funny; she brought the joy out in him and learned to do everything he did: fishing, hunting and swearing. They were complement opposites. They lived happily on a small ranch in Encino, California until January 16, 1942 when Lombard was killed in a plane crash while returning home from a war bond tour in Indianapolis. She was only 33. Devastated, Gable was never the same again and enlisted into the army to bury his grief."Pierre Montiel

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if you ever think you’re unattractive or not beautiful, just remember



turned into this:



Clark Gable, 1930s

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"Huh? I touched your butt?"

Well played, Gable.

Clark Gable and Myrna Loy in Wife vs. Secretary (1936)


Damn, son.


Clark Gable in Red Dust (1932)

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Clark Gable in Dancing Lady (1933).

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So I just found this on google.

the best part is his nipple

Carole Lombard & Clark Gable, 1941.

Clark Gable photographed by Clarence Sinclair Bull for MGM, 1939.

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Hfstsachagf! NO! The Gable LB is out of control right now!