-Run It!
-Gimme That
-Kiss Kiss
-Take You Down
-Wall to Wall
-I Can Transform Ya
-Fatal Attraction
-Pass Out
-She Ain’t You
-Wet The Bed
-Paper, Scissors, Rock
-Turn Up The Music
-Biggest Fan
-Sweet Love
-Stuck on Stupid
-4 Years Old
-War For You

/For The Road
/Another Round
/Take It To The Head
/Love More
/Show Me
/One Night Stand
/Luv Me Girl
/They Don’t Know

*Favorite tracks by Chris Brown and/or featuring Chris Brown

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They packed up in here wall to wall and / I don’t hear nothing but ladies calling / I’m tryna give one of them all this / But they keep coming from wall to wall

chris brown knew what it meant to address anybody who has a million fan-girls (or boys) screaming like mad for them.

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All Chris Brown on @weheartit.com - http://whrt.it/XcifSj

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I.Just.Died. na We Heart It http://weheartit.com/entry/52390839/via/BieberLavigne

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Chris Breezy! <3

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Hi.. I like you. K bye on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/23854124/via/Ritinha_Torres

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