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Is he in it now?
i think the pilot is out for the new one with scott — it’s called NCIS: New Orleans. there’s an episode or whatever on cbs.com. i was gonna torrent it, but the damn thing is like 1.62gb HD but i want to watch it NOW so i’m like screw it i’ll go on cbs.com but i hate that because cbs always acts wonky for me. maybe on this new laptop of mine it won’t.
where have you been dude? lmao. and you watch shows that are on ABC — in america they’re like right next to each other, are they like that for canada? :P
there’s even gif sets out of those hotties: http://geekery15.tumblr.com/post/81150236632  AMANDA.
edit — i think that the episode i’m gonna watch in a bit is from season 11 of NCIS so i’m not sure if New Orleans is out just yet…
i hope i find it interesting. i need something to watch — i remember when i worked in the nursing home i could not WAIT for tuesdays and sundays (desperate housewives). i would watch DH on monday’s though as i would DVR it on the cable box and then tuesdays i HAD to watch ncis as it aired — but then i had to get rid of cable and i always made a promise to watch shit online, but i never get around to do that for some reason. not for ncis though i should. the last time i watched ncis it was season 8 … so i’m really behind. so much as happened — ziva left… :/ there goes my zibbs lovin heart. :(
anyway — ramble ramble ramble. you know how it is. when the new ncis’s start, it’s the original ncis team who introduces the new teams and then the spin-offs happen.
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i say keep wrestling with your clothing, sir

"Paintin’. Crackers" - Henry Turner

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Oh neat. I haven’t seen Dan Aykroyd for a long time…and Chadwick did such a good job in “42”.
same. the last time i saw dan was when i saw “Evolution” in 2001… and he wasn’t in much of that either.
he sure did. interesting to see him take on another biopic — might be his trademark :P
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Disney <3

people want an overweight disney character

people want a black disney character (that’s been done once)

people want a lesbian/gay disney character

i find it really strange how people insist they can’t identify with a character if things like race, sexual orientation, or body image aren’t presented in the way that they would like.

when i was a kid i saw all the disney movies. i remember seeing the lion king at the theaters. i remember having all of the alladin movies on tape. i remember adoring cinderella. i remember have questioning why snow white was the way that she was… shacking up with all of those dwarfs without a care in the world. (??????)

even in the land of disney people can’t watch movies anymore and just enjoy themselves. every time i turn around some feminist is losing her shit over something — and that’s extremely sad to say because i’m a female and i just do not understand what the hysteria is all about.

disney is timeless. it’s a literal classic. just let it be. bitch about other things, but not disney.


i mean, stop sweatin’ john smith — damn.



you go boy

Linus + his bowtie

i wonder how many of those books he’s actually read, and really — is that a picture of him as linus from “sabrina” ????? lmao. i like how he regrets making that movie, yet he’s got a picture of himself in that role right there in his house.

what a weird bastard

you guys: http://acidcow.com/famous/53139-the-sexiest-men-alive-then-and-now-26-pics.html

it’s like seriously harrison

what are u even on?