i have such a problem writing certain scenes in fan fiction between two people that are like entirely opposite from one another.

:/ i dunno why that it is.


Mystery solved.


apparently when my mom was a teenager every single sunday in church she would look at all the married couples and wonder if they had sex the night before and how awkward she thought they would feel walking in together to church lmao I love my mother

lmfao what the hell?!

i have this weird thing where i can’t have my headboard too close to the wall because when i feel it knocking against the wall i’m reminded of all the sex i am NOT having.

and it makes me kind of laugh

and cry?

why is frank ocean (the r&b singer) poppin’ viagra at every record?

isn’t he like 28 years old? LMAO

i don’t get it.

i love the song though.


ugh. i am on a disney high. watching peter pan….

"Gee I hope I can fly… (ponders)"-Ricky
"Yeah, you’ll make it Peter Pan."- Lucy

the episode where she boards the plane with a hunk of cheese disguised as a baby.

"Oh come and sit next to me dear"-Lucy
"Not while you have that thin’!"- Ricky
"It’s a shame because the baby LOOKS JUST LIKE HIM."-Lucy


Actress Viola Davis in the Documentary: Dark Girls (2011)

David at the set of Aquarius, July 21