Shameless Harrison Ford’s Body Appreciation


Wellington, Ohio


Wellington, Ohio



1. The Empire Strikes Back    2.  The Mosquito Coast   3.  Blade Runner   4.  Star Wars   5.  Raiders of the Lost Ark   6.  Witness   7.  The Fugitive   8.  American Graffiti   9.  The Conversation   10.  What Lies Beneath


ford faces

  1. Favorite Sesame Street character? Or if you’re not an SS person, then favorite Muppet?
  2. What is your favorite hobby? How did you come to learn/do it?
  3. If you were a tree, what type of tree would you be?
  4. If you had the money, ability, and time, what new hobby would you try?
  5. Do you have any collections? Silly or otherwise?
  6. Favorite type of candy?
  7. If you were to have a garden, would it be mainly decorative with inedible flowers and bushes, or a food-based garden?
  8. Future goals?
  9. Current book/article/whatever you’re reading?

I WAS TAGGED… wow this is gonna be lame…

1. I used to have a thing for Big Bird. Legit, my parents bought me this huge big bird (well he was huge to me when I was a toddler/small child) and you could put a tape up his ass and he’d sing—his beak would move and I remember I used to put my finger in his mouth while he was sinking because his beak was rubber-y and i was all like how can the rest of him be all feathery, but his beak isn’t? i l also used to try to clamp his beak shut while he sank and i was amazing that his beak would vibrate in my grip, but he’d still sing clearly… LMFAO. i was a very weird child.

2. creating. i came to it by creating. i don’t think i’ve ever not sat around and created something. i process it mentally and then i do it. when i was younger i kept it to writing and to casual thoughts most of the time, but when i got my hands on photoshop when i was in the 11th grade i had finally found an outlet — a real outlet. i’m nothing if i can’t create and that’s not saying that i think i’m a boss creator—i’m not, but with all the horrible and hard shit i’ve gone through in my life, if i didn’t find this outlet, i’d have turned to drugs and booze a long time ago.

3. a bonsai tree… cuz david duchovny told julianne moore in “evolution” that her hands were soft like a bonsai tree and i remember squealing with laughter when i was like 12 years old. LMAO

4. I’d sing. Like I’d actually go and sing professionally even though you said hobby — because I adore singing, but I haven’t got the ability — the majority of that being no so much that i can’t carry a tone or use my vocals well, but that i’m incredibly shy when it comes to having the attention on me.

5. of course. i’ve got an x-files collection and a growing harrison ford collection…and when i can, an i love lucy collection and i’d like to have a cary grant collection.

6. Willy Wonka Nerds or Willy Wonka Gobstoppers.

7. Totally food-based garden. I don’t like flowers at all — and plants are cool, but if they can’t fill my stomach then I don’t want anything to do with them if I’ve got to maintain them lmao.

8. To be music video director and a graphic designer.

9. I don’t read. I re-read chapters of this one fan fiction I’ve got going with a friend…. lmao do that count?


1. Favorite stuffed animal?
2. What’s your favorite thing about the opposite sex?
3. Do you have an opinion on bath toys?
4. Dogs or cats?
5. Have you ever been to Disney Land or Disney World — or both? Which one did you like better?
6. Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie?
7. Christmas is about giving or getting?
8. Do you like to cook?
9. What name do you wish you had instead of the one you got?
10. Do you like video games and if no, why?
11. How do you feel about jello?
12. There’s a thunderstorm…that’s scary or sexy?
13. How do you react to bad weather reports?
14. What’s the scariest place on earth?
15. Do you believe in Dracula?
16. How do you feel about Romantic Comedies?
17. Vintage or modern?

REPLY TO: piggyplaypen

piggyplaypen said: x = 12 b/c y = 3 i can help you with basic algebra like this if you want. we could do a Skype date or something.

i swear i can’t be helped. :/ my father says he will help me, but if that fails — i’ll come straight to you and download skype.

i’m just so ugh about it all. the worst part is that i sit down to study or try to study and i’m like ohh let me open photoshop and see what i can create.

i am so right-brained, it’s unreal. like the left side of my brain musth ave fell out of my head years and years ago.

i just don’t want to do it and yet i have to, but it’s like i’m REBELING. like i just DO NOT want to do it. i’ve hit this point in my life where i just DONT WANT TO DO SHIT and when i have to i turn into a fucking beast about it.

i’ve got ur number dude. thanks!


We have this talking plush Chewbacca and he’s one of the coolest things we’ve ever own Star Wars related.



* Robert Redford // Big Halsy *
‘Little Fauss and Big Halsy’ (1970)

Half-nekid Halsy x 9
Ridiculously dazzlin’ lip lickin’ HOT smile x 1

…………………OH the fur *_*

pssst… missstreeper
…so this would be a lil’ * Happy *Halsy* Birthday * TREAT especially for you 

Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Charade (1963).
Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant in Charade (1963).

my like bestest bestie did the crossword today and sent me some pictures from it.

i can feel the harry and cary love so much right now. :3

omg. i ate raw onions in the salad

and now i’m like fucking bent over and in pain.

i’ve got the worst indigestion and like heart burn ever known to mankind.

i also go a headache earlier that lasted for nearly three hours.

clearly i’m allergic to raw onions. i just wish i knew that before i ate them today. ugh.

nothing’s helping. tea didn’t help. my mom is like try milk and i’m like if i drink anything dairy at this hour i’m gonna be sick in the morning.

wtf is this? honest to god i turn 26 years old and i’m allergic to EVERY FUCKING THING.